We updated the old Title365 app to enhance the property search and to add additional features for our internal clients as well has their real estate and financial professionals customers. This application was directed to our client facing customers and the application's experience varies between different user types. All users have the ability to look up the local home values, view property information, create a Smart Farm, create estimates and view documents. My role in the application was to focus on property profiles and creating estimates for iOS and translating the application to Android. 


Lead UX/UI Designer for Property Profiles, Property Search, Calculate, App Navigation & Android Application
App Style and Branding
Icon Development


Peter Richter – Senior VP of Technology
Anna Ho – UX/UI Designer
Jhonnie Corpus – UX/UI Designer



Typical Traditional Residential Real Estate Transaction

In this app we focus on providing tools to agents prior to a sale transaction. Below highlights the parts are service.


UI Kit

I started building a UI Kit to set a design look and feel for the app which then evolved to style consistency between the team. We leveraged Sketch symbols and Craft Library plugin to keep icons and commonly used patterns up to date. When all out fails we refer to the UI Kit document to pull GUI patterns.

Local Home.png

Local Home Values

Agents can instantly view their local median home values and prices throughout the nation. User can tap on the graph and see the median home value of a previous month.


Property Search

We spent a lot of design rounds on property search from simplifying the old clunky search to working with our developers in updating how search is conducted without breaking the core system. In the end, we were able added suggested search results by radius and user in put. We went from a user filling out multiple lines for an address into a single field that is dependent to a location. Users can look up an address, owner’s name or even APN. 

Property Profiles

Users are able to search or look up properties nearby and view property data of existing property. Each property shows characteristics, transaction history, comparables, schools, neighborhood demographics and more.


Buyer & Seller Calculators

Allowing real estate clients to quickly make estimates of seller’s net proceeds or a buyer’s cash to close. Once estimates are made clients can create reports and share them to their clients. We have several calculator estimates that follow the flow of having the total number at the top. The value will update as user enters information. This gives buyers a clear understanding of how much they are paying as well as how much sellers are making back on thier return.