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Phunware’s Venue Solution App that uses beacons to geofence the interior parts of building to help locate points of interests for users. It was designed for both iOS and Android devices. This was the early stages of Phunware's white label application that is available to many museums, airports, malls, and health care facilities.  I was responsible for creating the map design that is universal to different types of properties and to set standards for consistency. I created a guide for other designers to implement as the application started to grow.


Visual Design


Eric Moujaes – Creative Director
Kyle Hall – User Experience Director
Tiffany Shih – User Experience Designer
Anna Ho – User Experience Designer


Designing Indoor Venue Maps

I started with the original architecture plans and redrew them to make them easier to understand. The style we ended up going with had to work with both platforms and it needed to have low in file size for optimal app handling. We tested it against various venues and in different zoom levels on the devices.


Design Guide

I created a internal process and documentation to make sure the map design stays consistent for white labeling. The styleguide is to set standards and a baseline of how to interpret blueprints. After several round passes and we locked down a map style to handle multiple zoom levels that blends well with the existing platforms maps. The internal guide allows any one of our creatives to start a project without running into to many issues.


Outcome Across Different Venue Maps