OnAir iOS App

A iPhone application for NBC Universal Internal Ad Sales division. Designed in parallel with the desktop application that allows sales manager’s to approve ad campaigns away from their desk. 


User Experience Design
Visual Design


Myan Duong – User Experience Manager
Anna Ho – UX/UI Designer

NBCU header.png

Approval Queue

Approval Queue.png

One of the main features of the app was to display all pending ad campaigns that is ready for approval. We ended up simplify as much information as we could into a single card for managers to get a quick overlook about the order.  Users can tap on the card to display more detailed information about the order plan.


Accepting a Plan

By simplifying all the data and only displaying the important information in a single card we were able to use the swipe function to allow sales managers to quickly approve or reject a campaign. In the wireframe stage, we added additional confirmation alerts due to ramifications their system has to do to cancel a approved ad campaign. But, in the UI phase we were able to leverage the color fill animation to reduce swipe error.

Accepting Plan.png

UI Concepts


Final Design

The final design was a blend of the two design options we provided